Hey y’all!

We have a new, earlier start time at the Dublin Pub this Saturday, January 28th: 9PM

Over and Out!

Jan 11 2017

70s in ’17

If you haven’t checked out Dischords’ schedule yet, click on over to our Gigs page. Our ’17 calendar is chock full of dates where you can come on out and get your fill of authentic, vintage, hard-to-find 70s rock.  We are digging up long lost music gems all the time for your listening and dancing pleasure.

And if you or any of your vintage rock-starved friends are not on our email list, let’s get y’all signed up over here.  You’ll always know when and where Dischords playing.

We’ll see you soon at a club near (or far) from you!

Nov 25 2016


This season of Thanksgiving, Dischords gives thanks for the 70’s.  Some of the greatest music ever was created then. We feel lucky, and thankful to have been there when it was all happening.  Lots of you who come out and see us feel the same way. We know, ’cause you tell us when we get a chance to catch up with you at our gigs or online.

We take pride in giving it our best shot at making the 70’s songs sound a lot like they did back then.  And, when you come see us, hopefully that brings a little smile to your face.

So here’s to the 70s.  Quite possibly The Greatest (Music) Generation.

This Friday finds Dischords at Tigardville Station to kick off Rocktober.  We have an early start time for all you sleepyheads out there: 8PM.

If you haven’t visited Tigardville Station, it’s in the heart of old downtown Tigard that is – well – all brand new again, with a lively night life.

See you this Friday at 8PM!

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OK, people – it’s HOT!

Cool down, then get all hot again tonight at the San Dune in Manzanita.  We’ll be firing up at 8:30PM.