We’re welcoming the new year with more new (vintage) songs, more gigs, more cowbell, and – well – more everything!

We’ll be debuting vintage songs we found buried in up the 70’s rock attic.  And, we’ll be playing them at great clubs like Pub 181, Billy Blues, Cascade, The Springs, Duff’s Garage, and more.

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Nov 1 2014

Are we amazing?

Well, according to one prominent publication we are.  Here’s an excerpt of their review of Dischords:

“The Quay at the Red Lion hosted the amazing ‘70s and more cover band Dischords. This group is a blend of Oregon Music Hall of Fame inductees Greg Georgeson (lead, vocals) and Grant Roholt (drums); coupled with former AKA and Media member John Curtis (keyboards, vocals); and Kevin Venables (bass, vocals)…”

Dischords opened for the FIXX on Wednesday, July 16th at the Crystal Ballroom…

Mississippi Queen on Vimeo.